4 Signs you need a quick erect pill

Men come to the clinic with their wives who are complaining that things have gone cold beneath the sheets. They want to know how they can revive their relationships and marriages. How can they spice up their dying and stale sex life? And it is never easy because it is the woman doing most of the talking as the embarrassed guy looks at the floor as though maintain eye contact with me would cost them much. 

But I understand. I know how hard it is for a man to battle erectile dysfunction. I know how terrible it feels not to get a boner when she is ready for you but your body isn’t. I know how bad it feels for her to ask you why it is flaccid and are you stressed, don’t you like my lingerie when you cannot comprehend yourself why it cannot rise to the occasion.

Well, before you take Viagra or Cialis which to me, you shouldn’t because they could cause all forms of cardiac complications, see the signs that should tell you that you need some healthy instant hard on pills.

1.She kissing you does not get you excited when everything is good between the two of you
2. Porn does not work no matter how steamy and juicy it is.
3. Reading erotica does not excite your erogenous zones
4. Masturbating does not get it up.

When you see these signs, you should get worried and seek medical intervention before she embarrasses you in front of me. Or  rather, go ahead and order male extra pills.