Male extra review: The Number One Male Enhancement Pill in 2018

When I first heard about male extra, I was reading through some adult blog and the writer mentioned that they had used male extra to boost their penile size. And for a minute or so, I was spell bound. I thought that this was another crazy marketing gimmick where these cunning marketers tell you that they have used a product while in actual sense, they have never even seen its pack. All that they are doing is ripping you off your hard earned money as they enjoy the commissions. But a hunch told me that this could be it.

Maybe my manhood was not lost after all. By the way, I was going through the adult blogs because I needed something to arouse me. I am the type of guy who hears that their girl is coming and they have to look for something to turn them on because naturally, my body would simply not do it.
So I find the male extra website and for an instant, I am sold. The pill promises of pumping more blood to my penile blood vessels so that I am able to get better and harder erections. And that really sounds cool to me.

So I go ahead and buy the pills to try them because who know?

Amazingly, the pill work immediately. I am able to get a might hard on and I do not think I will ever stop using these magic pills.

Ingredients of male extra

Zinc 45mg

In looking at foods that boost testosterone, zinc is mentioned so many times that it must be very effective. So when you see zinc in male extra pack, do not worry why it is actually there.

Arginine 600 mg

Arginine in increasing girth of your penis. It happens that you need blood and in huge quantities pumped into your down there’s if you want to get better and harder hard-ons. This is where arginine comes in.

Cordyceps 25mg

These were discovered in a rather funny way because shepherds noted that after their goats ate these weeds, they tend to have more virility and bear better children.

They were therefore adopted as aphrodisiacs. Later on, we have them incorporated into clinical trials and found effective as fast male enhancers. And that is why they are now in male extra.

Why Erectile Dysfunction

The male extra website also explains why you could be havingerectile dysfunction and it could be because:

ü  You are stressed
ü  You have too much cholesterol in the vessels around your dong
ü  Surgery on the genitalia could lead to erectile problems
ü  Too much heat on the testicular area could lead to erectile dysfunction
ü  Medical drugs that are prescribed by the doctor

Before taking male extra

If you are looking to start improving your sex with male extra, I would advise that you consult a doctor first before you jump into it. Why? Well there could be a myriad of problems if you jump right into things. There could be side effects since I have seen so many reviewers say that they got one problem after the other. At the same time, it might not be effective for you as it was for me.